Shukumei Sentai Aracanager Rollcall


Kitsune Phantom
This my Attempt to create a normal Sentai RP and may be I will create one of Kamen Rider too before I redux my Super Sentai VS Kamen Rider Rp into a full blown Tokusatsu Wars RP. I created this RP idea in seconds so bear with with if the idea seems extremely incomplete at first.

Long ago in a place hidden from the world. Lay the mystical Arcana Empire who used their fortune telling skills of the Royal Family to avoid disaster for millennia for they lived a mystical plane were time worked oddly and thus not at the same rare as our own world.

The peace wasn't destined to last for long for an evil group of Cultists arrived in the Kingdom who wanted to siphon the power of the Royal Family to have their leader Ascend to godhood and it was mostly successful and the cultist formed from the ruins of the Empire the start of Demon Star Kingdom lead by the recently transcended leader now known as Demon Goddess, Doomia.
But the Demon Star's plan didn't work for 22 people managed to escape. The
2. greatest warriors of the kingdom. Including the Prince and his future bride, they find themselves in modern times and mysteriously scattered through out the Earth with 5 landing in Tokyo were the Demon Star Kingdom is about to invade. 1. ArcanaBlue(The Magican) a heir to the mages of the Empire. 2.Arcanapink(The High Priestess). 3. Arcanaviolet(A adopted into the Empire's royal family.)A heir to the Temples of the Empire. 4.Arcanared(The Emperor) The prince secretly in love with his Adopted sister who is about his age. He doesn't care since they aren't blood relations.
5. Arcanawhite(The Hierophant) the male counterpart to Pink.
Fool is 0 here.
I am looking for people to help me work on the everything.


The Omicron
You have piqued my interest. Are you still planning on running with this, or am I necroposting?


Kitsune Phantom

Both...I just got to reread it I hope your still around.
I was stuck using my 3ds. If your not I guess I can revive my first ever fanfic here.

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