Showtime And Paramount+ To Merge

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<p>An article went up on THR two weeks ago about how Hollywood studios are kind of in a bind right now because they bet everything and the kitchen sink on streaming and, though it DOES still appear to be the future, it DOESN’T seem to be as profitable as the old, ad-supported, charge-a-million-bucks-for-cable system was. Interviewed experts differed in their opinions as to what should be done next, but the word “consolidation” was thrown around a lot, a word that tends to make my toes curl (and not in a good way).</p>


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I cannot stand it that shows have to be canceled because of a merger. I am so furious that Let the Right one In got the chop. It is so unfair!


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The merger will eventually be advantageous to all parties concerned, even though it may seem like a betrayal to the fans of terminated series. paying once for a collection of services rather than multiple times for individual ones They offer a bigger collection than Netflix, which is an additional benefit.


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Skyshowtime provides access to a wide range of networks throughout Europe, including Paramount+, Showtime, Nickelodeon, and many others. Peacock! Why are the American versions of these services viewed differently from other versions? When you consider the cost of adding further channels, streaming services are more expensive than cable. You'll save money if you combine all of your departments into one.

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Interesting, However, it doesn't matter because it's just another day and another merger, both of which I loathe. The real tragedy of streaming services and mergers is the loss of programming that has already begun post-production, similar to the CW shows that were canceled after filming was finished. The consolidation will likely result in the cancellation of a large number of additional shows. The result of all these acquisitions, terminations, and tax write-offs is the appearance of a monopoly. Then, once more, television will be blamed for failing, and it will be our responsibility to remedy the issue. I really don't know. There is a feeling that everything has happened before and will happen again.


They first formed a group but finally decided to combine their businesses into one. I'm happy that I can now watch Dexter without having to pay for more subscriptions.


Finally, the streaming sector has acknowledged that there are too many services available. It was sensible to combine Paramount+ and Showtime because they were vying for the same viewers.


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These days, who the f*ck wants to watch any show, much less pay a network or streaming service for it, only to have it cancelled without warning? Let the Right One In was that fantastic; screw these networks until the end of eternity. hopefully they recognize how they are contributing to their own downfall and self-inflicted wound.


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Merger comes with pros and cons. The viewers might get the show at cheaper rate..but then the shows might have fight for spots and some of them might get cancelled to accommodate others. Would not be a happy thing for fans of other shows. Also, monopoly is not good in a long run.. Things can feel saturated.


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Merging will definitely save people's money on choosing two or three different apps or channels just to watch the favorites.

I can say that Paramount made the right decision to team up with one of the best. At home, I currently have HBO GO subs and my brother on the other hand, has Disney+. I am dumping HBO GO but I can't because I am following one series.

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