Show Us Your Henshin...Again!

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Yeah, no one mentioned at the time that I was holding it in such a way that you couldn't seen the "E" on it. Oh well. :p


It's over 8,000!
Is that a golden Kamen Rider Tiger in the back? :O_O: :laugh: TaJaDol has the white part by the chin. Did it use a transparent red visor on the white part? Is that Blade with a "U MAD?" face?

Nice picture.


I was thinking that, but I never saw a Tiger Survive. :laugh:

There was a discussion about it. The green for the eyes and the red screen go over the same white part, don't they?

I think he does. :laugh:
Taiga Survive was available at SIC Hero Saga Book Only..
never seen on TV :laugh:


It's over 8,000!
I've seen Odin and Ryuga, but no Tiger. :( I should look for it.

Were you in the picture? Which one are you if you were? ShinkenRed?