Shout factory releasing Zyuranger : what to do outside the US

As you know, Shout Factory is releasing Zyuranger in the US and Canada with official subs, at a very nice price.
However, for fans outside North America, it's horrible news, because we lose the fansubs, and we can't even buy the official release, since it's only sold in North America.
How do Europeans fans like me do? how to buy it? Can we play it, since I'm sure DVD players in Europe can't play DVDs from the US? May those DVD be played on a computer?

Help please.

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About 6 months ago I bought the Gamera Legacy Collection boxset from a third party seller on Amazon UK who imports CDs and DVDs from the States. Even including the shipping charges to send it across the Atlantic, it was only about £10 (not bad for 11 films!). Of course, as they're US DVDs they're region 1 and use NTSC encoding. Here in the UK we are region 2 and use PAL encoding. So sadly I can't just stick the disks in my DVD player and hit play.

I have heard that most DVD players have a code you can enter on the remote to change the region settings (and there are code listings for most major models online). However, I didn't want to start fiddling with the region settings in case it turned out that the NTSC encoding was going to be an issue anyway (plus my DVD player is built into my TV and it's still under warranty, so I didn't want to do anything that might void that in case something went wrong).

Instead I have VLC media player installed on my PC. It's a free download, it can read most major encoding types and it ignores the region coding altogether, so when I want to watch some Gamera action I stick the disk in my PC and play it through there. I watch fansubbed toku on my PC anyway, so the experience is the same for me with this solution. I know my PC and TV both have HDMI ports, so I could just connect them and watch the films on my TV, but so far I've been too lazy to move all my furniture and run a cable properly from one side of the room to the other. :sweat:

As for Zyuranger, well I'm fortunate in that I'd been following the GUIS fansubs and so have already seen the show. It's a fun season, so once it's been released in America I'll be keeping an eye out and hoping that the importers make it available without adding a silly markup on the price.


If you have a computer with internet connection and some money, you can just buy it online. Like Toku Prime says, there's video playing software ignores region coding.
I don't have a DVD player; I have DVDs of Bioman the complete series with French subtitles, and I play them on my computer when I wanna watch them.
I just wonder if I can do the same with the Zyuranger DVDs, even if they're not from Region 2.


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You should be able to get it to play on your computer without an problems, failing that you could always buy a cheap multi-region dvd player they dont cost too much now-a-days I remember getting one in WHSmith for about £20. As for getting the dvds I have preordered them off amazon (us) and they said they would deliver them to me here in New Zealand, and even when I was still in the UK I was able to get things from the US amazon site without any major issue.


You can also do yourself a backup copy on a dvd-r and watch the backup and keep the original.

Or simply hate this region shite thing like we spaniards do .


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consider me interested

Rad! Also other than paying for the DVDs themselves and the shipping to wherever you are I'm not going to charge anything extra to anyone who wants to do this. This is about getting DVDs to fellow Toku fans, not to make a quick buck for myself.

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