Shounen Anime and Mangas, Why female characters are sidelined?

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 Shounen Anime: Why do my most female characters in Shounen Anime suck?
Shounen Anime and Manga belongs to a Genre marketed for Little boys and Teenage boys.
Many publishers assume the fans to resonate more with the boy lead. Male writers don’t have Many publishers believe that fans will identify more with the boy lead. Male authors have a poor track record for writing female characters. Female characters got frequently sidelined in Battle Shounen. It can be intentional or not, but Men write most Battle Shounen.
Battle shounen with female Authors gave the girl characters more agency and deeper storylines. Inuyasha, Demon Slayer and Fullmetal Alchemist are some excellent examples.
Most Shounens follow this pattern: a male lead, his frenemy rival, and the female lead. The Female leads are usually the tertiary character in most shounen.
She can be a love interest, The brains or a support fighting character but will never win a fight.
The Publishers assume Younger Boys are still...

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I hate how in Naruto, they always tease Sakura will be more stronger and mature only to falter again and again. I hate how demoted Android 18 is after she becomes a mom. I hate how Nezuko is sidelined in favor of Zenitzu and Pig boy.


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Authors of shounen are hesitant to give the supporting female a victory battle.She always has to lose, so the main hero will be the one to kill the villain. I wish Shounen was more like an ensemble than a single person hogging all the victories.


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Sometimes it is the Publisher's fault. The Publisher forced Araki to turned Anakis into a man when he intend him as a woman.

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