Should I get an XBox 360?

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Hello HJU!!

I'm thinking about sometime MAYBE getting an XBox 360 console sometime in the future, and I'm feeling a bit awkward about it NOT because of the Red Ring of Death thing (which is now old news), but..

..the main reason why I fancy having an XBox 360 is because of the many retro games that have been released on XBox Live. To name a few there are many arcade ports and/or versions that look as good or better than the arcade version, plenty of Neo Geo games I believe, there was even an XBox Live version of The Simpsons Arcade game, and even a version of Doom that even looks better than the PC version..

..but what's putting me off is the availability. What I mean is certain games were only available for a limited amount of time until they get de-listed because of copyright/contract problems and other weird stuff that I'm not surposed to find interesting (I mean, I just want my games dammit!!).

This has happened to Doom for example. The game was de-listed, but was later put back on for download due to popular demand. But.. for how long until it's de-listed again?

So.. 1 -Does this happen with most games on XBox Live? 2 - Is Doom still available?

Also is it possible to store the games onto a memory card so that you don't have to delete the game when you're freeing some more space on the harddrive for more games?


if you're also a fan of toku games, i suggest saving for the wii U and/or 3DS instead, because that's where they're going to be when they finally switch platforms from the outdated wii, DS, and PSP

online retro gaming is fun and all, but its still retrogaming, something you could get for free in the PC ever since the late 90's, only lacking a good online support


Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do I wanna buy a system where the only exclusives worth buying are Halo and Gears of War, while the PS3 and PC have more quality exclusives?
2) Do I wanna pay $60 a year for a service (Xbox Live) that I can get FREE on other platforms (Steam and PSN) as well as pay $10-20 for DLC packs?
3) Do I like having most of my games dedicated to Kinect?
4) Do I like having a crappy D-Pad for fighting games and sidescrollers?

These things should be helpful to you.

As for retro games, a lot of them are also on PSN and Steam.
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Ummm what Wheatly? Xbox Live has plenty of discounts, Live access with plenty of playable games that require you to pay nothing a month, and like ten games for kinect, and even those you won't miss.

I've played both systems and in truth there isn't as huge a difference between the two as some people might think. I'll admit PS3 has some neat internet stuff and access to more exclusives includeing PS1&2 games. Xbox360 has almost as many exclusives,xbox games, and a few of its own bells and whistles.

In the end either system works for what you want it to do. It comes down to what games you are looking to play.

As for the WiiU....I'm not interested personally, but that is me. The 3ds is pretty neat though from what I have seen, but I will stick to my PSP.
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I was wrong on the discount part (though they still don't compare to the awesome Steam sales), but everything else is true.

Xbox360 has almost as many exclusives,xbox games, and a few of its own bells and whistles.

The only ones I can think that stand out of are Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Fable II (which sucks compared to the first one), Dead Rising 1, Blue Dragon, Ace Combat 6, and Dead or Alive 4. That's not enough compared to the PS3 and PC. Forza and PGR are just standard racing games and you can find similar racing games on other platforms. I do not count games also on PC as exclusives because I consider PC as another gaming platform and I think Kinect games are ****. Plus Rare hasn't been good since their days with Nintendo and the only good game they did with Microsoft was Viva Pinata (which, BTW, is also on the PC).

Also, PS3 has Steamworks. 360 doesn't.

But if your personal preference is the 360, so be it.
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This is not the console you are looking for...

C'mon, join the fun friend, theres a new zelda coming in 2014.... And some other cool **** between then and now....
we could be 'migos...


Sidestepping the console fanaticism, let me answer the questions you actually asked.

Game de-listing is something I never really paid any attention to, so I can't say for sure whether it's a common thing or not. I'd imagine it is to some degree, if for no other reason than to save resources, but I don't think it'll be a big issue unless you wait forever and a day to get a particular game.

As of this post, both Doom and Doom II are available.

There were some memory cards that were made back when the 360 first came out, but from what I've seen they were pretty small (512 MB). However, you shouldn't need to worry about deleting a game and losing it forever. You can re-download anything you buy for free.


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The only games I would want that XBOX has that I would want (ie. Portal, Alice: Madness Returns, etc.) have a PC equivalent so, personally, I wouldn't wanna get one. =d


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Get a Wii U. Free service, retro games , motion control that is reliable and up-tuned...

Or a PS3.

Either way, I would wait until either the Wii U is used or if not, get a PS3 used. Depends on your liking.


You pay for Xbox Live Gold but it's so much better than PSN. PSN doesn't allow for party chat between multiple games or allow you to even have parties outside of the game you're playing. The PSN store doesn't even work half the time. The only thing I like about playing Playstation Online is I don't run into as many douchebag players like I do on Xbox 360.


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i say yes xbox 360 is a great system for xbox live gold you can buy a 3 month card for only 25$ i play xbox manly for Gears of War but their's some great games thats not on wii & ps3 like Halo Series , Alan Wake & Alan Wake's American Nightmare & if you play call of duty xbox gets the dlc first via cod elite

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