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Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO that resembles City of Heroes, except it takes place on a ship. You ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. Ship of Heroes has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017, and their most important test to date has been taking place over the last few days: the Character Creator Beta. This Beta is accessible to anybody who donated at least $50 to the project before October 15.
The Beta is now five days old, and winding down. Testing will wrap up by the end of the week, but the crew still has a few events planned. Here are their most recent notes:
We had a mini-event last night which was a scavenger hunt, or first run
at capturing presents. It was a lot of fun, but timing is always a
challenge. Some of our supporters from Europe had to get to bed after
the first run — some of our supporters from the US west coast were just
arriving. But we had over 50 people come, and we all had a lot...
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