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The Emperor of the Last Empire
The synopsis:-
Tori Masaki lives in a pre-apocalyptic world. The world is currently having civil wars as he involved in that world as Shinken Red.
Without memories, he fights without questioning everything, as if he is a robot.

One day, he meets a mysterious man, who is also a Shinken Red and fights him. During the fight, he suddenly realized about the absence of his memories. Unfortunately, the world is destroyed.

He then wakes up inside a cave with his friend, a girl named Rin Kobayashi, who served as Go-On Silver in that world. They are surrounded by monsters as they fight them all.

During the fight, their henshin device broke as their transformation are cancelled. They then saved by a hooded man as the man gives Tori a red buckle and cards, making him Shinken Red V2.

To restore his world back and in search for his lost memories, he need to travel to other worlds and help the heroes of the worlds...

This is my newest fanfics which i currently planning. It is a parody of Kamen Rider Decade. I'm going to post it into

Right now, i need ideas for the worlds the main characters have to travel. I would like to use the same style as Decade, by changing the worlds' storyline...

I have already planned for Shinkenger's world, which is going to be derived into two.
First will be about Shinken Red as he is lack of responsibility as lord. Second is about Shinken Yellow as she is working with Gedoushou (based on zarahjoyce's livejournal).

Note that the worlds are not just limited to Super Sentai only, but also Kamen Rider and other tokusatsu as well. In fact, Marvel Superheroes also included.

So, i would like you guys to help me with this one...


The Emperor of the Last Empire
Well, using AkaRed was my first though, but there are a lot of reasons why i use the seconde version of Shinken Red:-

1) AkaRed is only limited to Red Rangers. I don't want the red rangers to get all the glory only. So, as a result, Shinken Red V2 has an ability to change into other colours as well.

2) It's in OC universe, more specifically the universe I have created for my other fanfics. I had already posted other stories in and all of the story will be connected to each other.

3) AkaRed is Rangers only. Shinken Red V2 has ability to become other tokusatsu...

4) AkaRed's storyline will be included. In some point, Tori and his friend are entering AkaRed's world.

5) It's only temporary. In the middle of the story, the name Shinken Red V2 will be changed into something else...

Well, that's why I prefer Shinken Red V2 than AkaRed. The costume will be improvised. Only the helmet is the same...


If "ShinkenRed V2" has all of these extra powers, he's not REALLY ShinkenRed, is he?

You should come up with a new suit for his base form and give him ShinkenRed as an initial power-up if anything. It'd make more sense.
hmm i c. wish you clarified that earlier =P

anyways i agree with Papercut. it would make more sense to have a different baseline form for him rather than jump from a normal-use Samurai form to other forms. maybe something more Decade-like in appearance?

and being that ShinkenRed and AkaRed are both from the Super Sentai Universe, that would make ShinkenRed a 'Ranger' too wouldnt it?
Hrmm. If you're also going into other tokusatsu and using different colors I'd suggest that he starts as Shinken Red as previously suggested. However, instead of continuing as Shinken Red he loses that changer and receives a new one for every world that doesn't have to correspond to that world. In other words, he has no control over who he becomes until mid-series where he receives wise words from AkaRed to become his own ranger. Then you can name him something original and give him a standard form.

In Short:
Starts Shinken Red -> loses power -> Gains power to become any toku hero but cannot control said power -> fights for awhile like this -> Meets Aka Red -> becomes his own ranger.


The Emperor of the Last Empire
I like the idea, but there is reason(s) for him being Shinken Red V2 first...
I would not want to give spoilers...but you can read below...

The device he will get is much like a prototype. The device use it's owner memories to create its own suit. Because he is once Shinken Red, the device took a bit of data of Shinken Red. Somehow, he got connected to Kamen Rider Decade (one of the reasons why is he travelling) and copy its data too.

Soon, after travelling for so long, he will have to change his device in order to save one world. The device will be the perfected version of the Shinken Red V2's device. Thus, giving him a new suit...and a new name...

Safe zone:-
There will be so many twist inside the story.


The Emperor of the Last Empire
Okay, found one idea...

Because this is the first storyline I posted, I'm going to tell you guys who would like to give ideas as well about the details needed.

World:- The name of the world

Story:- What's the world is all about. Must included main characters' stories. Can include others' characteristics.

Characters:- Characters included. It doesn't matter whether it is main or supportive, just include it all...

That's all I guess. Feel free to add more details...

World:- Sh15uya no Sekai

The story is going to be before Sh15uya's episode 1 starts. Tori and his friends ended up in Shibuya as they met a man telling them to search for informations about that world at the alleyway. They then goes there and saw a man killed by another man called Peace. At the same time, a boy named Revu also seen it as well. They later met a mysterious girl named Ema.

Revu is a boy who had suspicious in that world. He felt that the world he lived in are...weird.

Ema is a girl who felt in love with Revu. As Revu starts to befriend with her, she later found out about her powers, Merge ad starts to use it to fight Peace.

Revu, Ema, Ryuugo, Asagi, DJ

By using a Final Form Ride Card (he is Shinken Decade, right?), Tori can changes Ema into a huge cannon, similar to hers in episode 10. except bigger.

Tori also gains cards based on Ema=
Toku Ride: Ema
Attack Ride: Cannon
Final Form Ride: Ema Cannon
Final Attack Ride: Ema

Note: Now that I've given one ideas, I really need all of your help here, not just some luck...

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