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Chinese remake of 2002 American thriller drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes and starred by Denzel Washington, “John Q”, but also sequel of 2019 Chinese drama film, “Sheep Without a Shepherd“, that was also a remake of 2013 Indian film starred by Mohanlan and directed by Jeethu Joseph.
The film revolves around Lin Rilang, a desperate father whose son is diagnosed with an enlarged heart, that needs to be fixed with an expensive operation. Unable to collect the big sum of money, Lin Rilang hijacks the medical centre at gunpoint, in order to save his son´s life.
An intense crime thriller film, that unfolds on its surface a story about the corruption of a rotten system in a society of obedient sheeps, where one man sometimes needs to raise the voice and make the difference in seek of justice. But also, a moving drama about the power of love, on this occasion parental love, which is probably the strongest and more honest and pure love of all.
Set in Thailand, the film had big issues...

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Hey I just met you!
The plot is similar to Ambulance. China seemed to remake Hollywood movies now, I remember a Chinese remake of What Women want before.