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She’s Allergic To Cats is coming! Giant Pictures has announced they’ll be premiering the new surreal black comedy from writer/director Michael Reich early next month.
Director Michael Reich says he based the film partly around his own experiences with the underground punk scene in LA. He directed music videos for My Chemical Romance, The Shins, Bad Religion and Ryan Adams, and on the side, he earned extra bread as a dog groomer.
The center character of She’s Allergic To Cats, Michael Pinkney, is also a dog groomer. He lives in a ruin-down Hollywood hovel and dreams of making it big in movies. The films he has in mind, however, aren’t likely to capture the zeitgeist…like his latest brainstorm, an all-cat remake of Carrie. He’s working on the film when he falls in love with Cora, a new employee at the groomer’s…and things get weirder from there.
She’s Allergic To Cats stars Mike Pinkney (as Michael Pinkney, no relation), Sonja Kinski (yes, she IS related to Natassja) and Flula Borg...
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