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WB hasn’t always known what it’s doing with the DC universe, but one of the few times they got it right was Shazam. It was the inverse of the grimdark Snyder movies they were known for at the time: a family-oriented comedic romp about a kid who finds a way to become a superhero when shouting a magic word. He turns into a muscle-padded Zachary Levi but still has the mentality of his child self, leading to a lot of wacky moments.
It’s been a long time since Warner Bros released the first Shazam movie, and there’s a major problem with that: its stars are all supposed to be kids. You can just pull a Stranger Things and pretend nothing happened, but that’s even harder here, as Billy Batson’s power lets him turn into a grown-up. As I’ve said before, eventually these movies are just going to be one adult turning into another adult.
Shazam was originally known as “Captain Marvel” and he found a way to share his powers with his family, leading to their own book “The Marvel Family” which...

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Turbo power! Ha!
Totally fine, this might be better than the previous movie. Shazam looks like a hero who acts like a normal person when weird things happen, which makes him easier to relate to. It looks like a awesome movie. Zach does a wonderful job with the character, and the tone feels exactly nice. The first movie was great, and this one looks even better.


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It will never work to try to make this movie universe work with Amber Heard and Ezra Miller still not getting recast. Stop trying to make Flash and Mera work, WarnerBros/DC! Either change them or get rid of them all. Until they figure this out, these movies will lose money like blood.


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Has it been released yet? I only watched the first Shazaam. I'm sure every movie release has to have a delay due to the Pandemic that we all went through.
Is the cast going to be the same as it was in Shazaam 1?


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I never thought someone could lose their job cause of supporting Trump.
I haven't watched it yet sadly.

What are some of the antagonist gods that Shazam has to deal with?
@Stella Shazam and his family are going to fight the daughters of Olympus. Two Goddesses who hates humans. There is a 3rd daughter and she will be Shazam's love interest.