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Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods released its first teaser. The first film is an unexpected hit, making $366 million at the box office. The original Captain Marvel will return with Zachary Levi reprising the title role. All the kids and their heroic versions will return except for Michelle Borth, who plays Adult heroic Mary. Mary’s Kid actress Grace Caroline Currey, now 25 years old, made an adult version unnecessary. So Currey will now play the hero version of Mary too.
Kids grow fast. Asher Angel, who plays Shazam’s alter-ego Billy Batson is now 19! It makes me wonder if Zachary Levi will be retired too once Angel reaches Currey’s age.
At a certain point in history, Shazam was more popular than Superman, and he...

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When Shazam is one of the strongest/toughest characters available, a powerhouse that can compete with Superman, while simultaneously having magic and no obvious exploitable vulnerabilities, I worry that people may perceive him as being somewhat weak in comparison to some other well-known heroes. He's an effing champ, and I truly hope they eventually allow everyone to experience his full power. His human form is his only shortcoming.
Shazam should have been animated because children grow up so fast. Or they can make the kids CGI in the next movie because the point of the team is children who turns into adult superheroes.


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I wonder how many movies this franchise will have because kids grow up fast. Billy's actor is a 19 year old adult now. The Pandemic also delayed filming. They can make the kids CGI to keep them young.


I want to see some crossover in this movie but sadly we can't have Batman, Superman and Flash. Two were leaving while the other one got cancel cultured. I wish to see at least Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


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The only movie I've ever seen that made me want to go see it again after I finished viewing it was Shazam.
This movie caught me off guard.
Shazam was the only movie I have ever seen that made me want to pay a ticket again after just viewing it, therefore I am excited for Shazam 2 to be released soon.
This movie caught me off guard.
I can't wait for Shazam 2 to be released.


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I wish there was a TV spin off because the Shazam family should be in a longer running platform and these kids will grow soon.


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I have not watched the first Shazam movie and there is a Shazam 2 coming out? I have a funny feeling there will several sequels, like a 3, 4, and 5. Maybe I should just be patient and wait to binge watch all of them in one day. I'm not really a fan of this particular super hero. It's something I'd watch on a rainy day if there's nothing else to watch.