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Shadow Seven has officially launched around the world. The tactical strategy game by studio Neptune features several original anime-style characters voiced by famous Japanese voice actors. You collect and enhance these characters through strategic turn-based PvP battles. The game has been in Early Access form since last December.
Now it’s launched, and a lot of new content has been added to celebrate. Three new characters are collectable: Tigris, Mistie, and Orga. They are all part of the shadowy faction called the Lucky Rabbit Corps, but each of them plays differently.
There are now two new Spell cards for every Captain, tailored to their personalities. “Leah’s new spells focus more on her Healing abilities while Argos’s new spells lean towards his use of Vampiric abilities,” says Neptune.
You can also get involved with two in-game events celebrating the launch: “Global Launch Collecting Event,” which sees you accumulating coins through missions and exchanging them for rewards...
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