SH Figuarts book available at Hobby Search and Decade Rider Kick Cards/Stands ?

Hi all!

A few weeks ago I was trying to find the new SH Figuarts book but wasn't having any luck. Hobby Search was sold out but I put myself on the waiting list.

However, thanks to ShukuenShinobi at YouTube he found one left online at AmiAmi and I grabbed their last one.

BUT....I got a notice from Hobby Search today saying it's back in stock so I thought I'd try to help someone get this really cool book!

Their webpage for it is:

So I hope this helps someone out!

I saw the Rider Cards and stand made to reproduce his Decade's Final Attack Ride, but was told they were a web exclusive and hard to get.

Does anyone know what the going price is by chance or perhaps has one to sell/trade?

Thanks in advance for any help on getting this elusive item!


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