Jan 29, 2013
Hi guys! I'm looking to make some money off of stuff that i recently bought before! I'm only willing to ship to the US and I accept either paypal or cash! Please keep in mind that there will be a 2% added fee for paypal transactions. Shipping is not included and I'm also willing to do combined shipping. I will be adding more items to the thread soon so shop with confidence! PM me if interested and or have questions. :D

Dx Phone Braver 3 (purple phone) (Brand new) - $45
SH figuarts Go buster Red (Brand new) - $30
SH figuarts meteor storm (Brand new) - $30
SH figuarts Gokai Green with chair (Brand new) - $40
SH figuarts Accel World Silver Crow (Brand new) - $40
SH figuarts Gokai silver (Brand new) - $30
1994 Power rangers Dino Megazord special black and gold edition (Brand new and includes all of the accessories still on their trees along with sealed stickers and instructions, box is in good condition as well) - $220
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