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This one came across our desk with the title “Low-Poly City Builder Arrives October 11.” We thought the title was Low-Poly City Builder and we immediately approved, but it turns out the game is actually called Settlement Survival. Low-Poly City Builder would probably sell better.
Developed by Gleamer Studios, Settlement Survival is an overhead management sim that has you founding and managing your own settlement community. You’re gonna need a system of government, fields of plants to generate food (you’ll also have to hunt to keep your diet balanced), methods of gathering resources, and finally, proper management of said resources when you need them. Natural disasters can strike at any time!

Find Your Home. Choose where to build your settlement, sculpt its landscape and determine its layout and styling.

Grow Your Population. Recruit Mayors to set the tone of your settlement, build housing, control crime and ensure your baby-booms don’t negatively impact your...
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