Sesame Street "Crack Master" cartoon: anyone remember it?


Growing up in the mid seventies, my favorite show was Sesame Street. i loved seeing Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, and all of those characters. Yet the animated shorts played in between stories were weird and freaky at times. But one of them scared the everloving devil out of me. It made me scared to go to sleep at night. It made me stop watching the show for a time, and even PBS altogether once. I am referring to the legendary "Crack Master" cartoon.

For those of you who don't remember: A girl lying in bed imagines a crack on her wall morphing into a camel. She rides on the camel and meets a monkey and a hen, also formed by cracks. They go into the attic, where they meet A BIG, TERRIFYING, EVIL FACE MADE OUT OF CRACKS! It claims it is the Crack Master. The Crack Master makes itself scarier, which causes him to crumble to the ground. Then the girl returns to her room.

The cartoon traumatized me for years. I froze up every time the clip would air. I feared wall cracks because of this.

A few years ago, I looked it up. There was nothing on YouTube. I found a blog, though, where a blogger said she saw it due to a friend having a copy.

Two years ago, I looked it up again, to find it was on YouTube. I steeled my soul against it for the first time in over 30 years. I had to reward myself for doing it. Now that I'm an adult, it doesn't seem scarier than when I was a wee lass.

So, does anyone remember this short? If so, feel free to share memories about it!


I don't remember it. It may have come on the air after I stopped watching Sesame Street. :O_O:


Ah, 12 year old me lying about my age and over-dramatizing things. I'm 18 now. I didn't even care for Power Rangers at the time when I made that account; I just saw their thread about scary logos and thought "hey, why not."

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