Sentai Villain dream team


Make up your own sentai villain dream team, you don't have to pick villains form sentai, you can pick tokatsu actors and say what kind of villain roles, you would like to see.

Sentaifan'07 Xman

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
Yuria Haga as Mele
Keisuke Kato as Yugande
Nao Oikawa as Wendinu (I love the original actress, but I think Nao-chan would give her character a little more flavor)
Shouma Yamamoto as Salamandes
Masayuki Izumi as Rio
Waka as Dinas
Minase Yashiro as Ramie
Tomohisa Yuge as Quester Gai
Ryohei as Quester Rei
Chisato Morishita as Kaze no Shizuka

That's about it.


Continuing the Creddie legacy
I would get a group consists of Lila (Time), TsueTsue (Gao), Gaja (Bouken), Long (Geki), Brajira (Gosei) and Juuzo (Shinken).

Rokunin (six group) Sorrote... Nemenger! (Neme- shorthand for Nemesis)


Super Sentai fan
Radiguet, Meemy, and Barizorg would make the ultimate trio of evil. Radiguet for the leadership, brains, power, and all-out evil, Meemy for being absolutely creepy, despicable, and hateable (like Radiguet), and Barizorg for his unending loyalty.
Guardnoid Gush from Liveman: great power attack, loyal , can make monsters grow.

Booba, a space pirate which is truly awesome.

Ashura, and cyber bunshin.(Liveman)

Gray from Jetman, both strong and clever.

Bio hunter Silva, for determination.

And Doctor Man as the boss.Beause he truly is charismatic and loves to be a villain.

Most of those villains are really clever or /and strong.

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