Sentai mecha!

I'm new here. I'm in need of these Sentai Mecha. Any help is appreciated.
Doesn't have to be MISB. As long as the mecha is complete and unbroken.

Note: I know this is off topic, but I'm also seeking the Revoltech figure Airi from Queens Blade


Gosei Great(Goseiger)

Gekilion and Chameleon (Gekiranger)

Gokaioh and Magidragon set (Gokaiger)

Revolver Mammoth (Hurricanger)
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Don't keep bumping your own thread. You're not selling anything, you're buying. If no one has responded to you, it's because they're not selling what you're looking for.

There are places you can also look to try and find the items...Ebay & Yahoo Japan are your best bets.


I have the Wolf Ranger's Megazord from Power Ranger Wild Force/Gaoranger

The one with Crocodile for the main body and Wolf and Hammerhead Shark as the arms

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