~~Sentai DVDs for Sale~~


Looking to make a little extra money to fund my collecting. If you are interested in any of the below DVDs please let me know.

$40 for each series on regular DVD-Rs. $50 for each Series on Inkjet printed DVD-Rs. $5 shipping per set.

Goranger R2 Transfer 14 DVDs
Google Five R2 Transfer 10 DVDs
Zyuranger VHS Transfer 11 DVDs
Dairanger VHS Transfer 12 DVDs
Kakuranger VHS Transfer 10 DVDs
Ohranger R2 DVD Transfer 8 DVDs
Carranger R2 Transfer 8 DVDs
Megaranger R2 Transfer 10 DVDs
Gingaman R2 Transfer 10 DVDs
GoGoV R2 Transfer 9 DVDs
Timeranger R2 Transfer 10 DVDs
Gaoranger R2 Transfer 12 DVDs
Abaranger R2 Transfer 12 DVDs
Dekaranger R2 Transfer 12 DVDs
Magiranger R2 Transfer 12 DVDs

Gaoranger HK ENG Subs 8 DVDs
Huricanger HK ENG Subs 6 DVDs
Abaranger HK ENG Subs 10 DVDs
Dekaranger HK ENG Subs 13 DVDs
Magiranger HK ENG Subs 12 DVDs
Boukenger HK ENG Subs 12 DVDs

All DVDs are region free. I also have a lot of the movies all HK subs ask me if you are interested in those. Please allow 1 week for processing and shipping maybe longer depending on how much interest I get and how large your order is. I will send regular status updates about all orders. Please be patient as I will be filling these orders in my off time.

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Are the R2 sets actually copies from the actual R2 DVDs? I bought some "R2" Aba, Deka and Mega from a seller and later found out they were ISO downloads from R2 uploads.


The R2 Transfers are copies direct from the R2 releases. They are great quality and I am a real stickler for quality.
Oh cool. How long will you be selling these? I plan to buy some, but it may be a month or two before I get the extra spending cash!