Sentai 2012 - Tokumei Sentai Gobusters - Picture and News Thread

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So we usually start a new thread once the pictures are in, here we go!

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters and their partner "Buddy Roids".

RedBuster and Chida Niku
BlueBuster and Gorisaki Banana
YellowBuster and Usada Letas


"A long time ago, among moutains far from any civilization, there was a center researching on human innovation.
One day, the main computer of the research became malicious and went berserk. Humanity managed to stop this, and peace came back...or so it seemed.

Humans, now in peace, predicting that their enemy could go berserk and attack another time, decided to build giant robots and machine, and trained chosen warriors to fight against it. Finally, this day has come.

The name of the team formed to fight against the enemy is Tokumei Sentai Gobuster (Go-Buster, whatever you want it to be) ! Now their battle begin."

Chida Niku and its various modes

Gorisaki and Usada


The transformation item, brace + sunglasses called Morphing Brace.

Icigan Camera Blade

The Gobusters will make their first appearance in Gokaiger VS Gavan




The show begins February 26th. Countdown go!
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Even if this is the 3rd I've experienced this for Sentai, the suit design has me won.

And we finally get wrist morphers again.


When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men
Waging a secret fight against a Super Computer that has gained self awareness, Team Gobusters is formed!

Oh, I'm dead certain that some dumbass is going to try and draw parallels between this and RPM like everybody tried to do with Gokaiger and Power Rangers


ok so first I hve to say I am upset that I went to at 5am this morning wen I could hve wait longer to see the pics.....2nd these suits are on point,perfect compination..the wrist changer love it, the robot partners and mecha love it...I hve to say I think I know y they dont look as flashy as were used to it might be because their power up would come from the animal robot to make them look like armored metal heros, and finally the cheetah robot next to red reminds me of axel and I reall impressed the most with how the weapons came out cuz after i saw how faiz did their camera weapons i was at ease and new they'd be aight, and the yellow bunny is awsome...:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs: 3 thumbs up , good sht


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VERY interesting choice of design for those suits.
I shall be looking forward to this show.


Looks terrible like they ripped off the worst aspect from the Disney seasons (RPM and Jungle Fury) with the plot and the fransformation devices.

And the costumes look like something from that failed Thai attempt at doing Super Sentai.


as I said as the last post of the previous thread.

expect this to be used for fan videos of "Power Rangers: Gobuster"

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I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about Gobuster, but so far it seems very interesting. I'm not too keen on three-person teams, but I'm willing to see if they'll be good or not, and it hinges on the extra members that will come later to complete the team. I love the fact that they're using wrist changers finally, after the cellphone changers have had a pretty good run in Super Sentai. The buddy bots...well, it just means that there'll be more bad CGI shots in the series (think Power Dizer). And I like the GobusterOh and the design is definitely nice, and it has that anime robot feel to it.

I just have one question, though: so Gobusters are not fighting spirits and demons, but a self-aware super computer? Whatever happened to the rumors about Gobusters being the SS version of the Ghostbusters?
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I'm pretty sure that was pure fan speculation based on the sound of the name.

in regard to the self awarecomputer maybe its something similair to the enemies on superhuman samurai and also if it is fan speculation about the ghost hunting then that means they might not go after Walz Gills ghost, i guess rite


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Wait ... does this "supercomputer" thing mean there are no villains of the week?

I'll be pissed off if there aren't, because that's the last thing that would make it vaguely resemble a Sentai, but if it's a computer that just sends monsters after them it's possible the monsters could have a ghost/spirit theme

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All I wanted for Sentai is for them to try something different to where it has never been done before. So far with Go Busters they're doing that, despite that there some nods to Go-Ongers & Winspector. However Go Busters have more it's shoulders since it's comming after Gokaigers. Which is why the "after party" series is pulling out risky ideas. So it won't feel that we're going back to the normal routine.


And the costumes look like something from that failed Thai attempt at doing Super Sentai.


But I believe I'm only disliking it because of the camera that was used to photograph it.It'll probably look better in action.This camera they used to take the pictures....It's really bad.

I'm trying my best to remain optimistic though, as I thought Gokaiger would suck because of how Joe looked.
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