Senior women wants to compete in Miss Universe 2024

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Aug 12, 2021
Age inclusivity is fine in theory, but are we ready for the logistical nightmares? Will they have separate talent categories for hip replacements and reading glasses? Miss Universe needs to be realistic about the challenges this decision poses.
AMAWEMEN Hear me roar!
Dec 30, 2011
I absolutely love the idea of breaking age barriers! Jocelyn and Iris are proving that beauty knows no age limit. It's about time we celebrate the wisdom and grace that come with years of experience alongside the vibrancy of youth. Go, ladies!These women are inspiring! It's never too late to pursue your dreams, and Jocelyn and Iris embody that spirit. Their courage is a reminder that age should never be a barrier to chasing your passions. I'm cheering for them all the way!
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Jan 17, 2022
Age shouldn't limit anyone from participating in Miss Universe. Jocelyn and Iris are proving that beauty and confidence only get better with time. It's empowering to see the pageant embracing a broader spectrum of women. Let's celebrate the diversity and individuality they bring!Jocelyn and Iris are not just competing; they're setting an example for generations to come. Their journey sends a powerful message that dreams have no expiration date. I hope their story inspires more women, regardless of age, to pursue their passions fearlessly.