Mary Sue characters who are self-insert had been plaguing movie adaptations. Alice Abernathy and Cole Young, What do they have in common?
First, both do not exist from the source material where their movies came from. People call both of them a Mary Sue. What is a Mary Sue? It all started from a 1970s Star Trek fan fiction. Yes, Fan fiction existed before the internet! Because before we people got online there are fanzines. Fanzines are fanmade magazines for the fans of a certain franchise. The namesake of the Mary Sue trope is Lieutenant Mary Sue. She is the lead character of the Star Trek fan fiction titled A Trekkie’s Tale. It is written by Paula Smith. Lieutenant Mary Sue is a power fantasy of Paula Smith. Back then there are not a lot of Female Lieutenants...

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Sure Your Ken

She took the kids Ryu
Then we Have Jade Wesker who thankfully got her show canceled. Movie adaptation of videogames should focus on the lore character and not to this self insert characters.

Albert Whiskers

Complete Global saturation
Those Resident Evil movies ruined Wesker too. They cast a chubby guy to be Wesker and he is demoted into a manjini/Plaga. Then in the first movie the final boss is a licker. A freaking Licker which is a pedestrian enemy in Resident Evil 2. Alice having Telekinesis ruins it more.


Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt's character in World War Z) is barely in the book yet he is the main character in the movie. I can count him as another self insert character.


Son of my Parents
It occurs because these directors, writers, and showrunners are allowed excessive latitude without considering the fanbase. They treat supporters poorly because they know they would watch anyhow; instead, they aim for the general public.