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As Arrow ended and Supergirl just announced its final season. Another Arrowverse series is about to end but in return a new story is about to open.
Black Lightning is about to air it’s 4th and final season next year. One of the characters Painkiller will have his own spin off so there will still be African American representation in the Arrowverse. Black Lightning is the first Arrowverse series that centers with an African American lead and mostly African American cast. It is not as big as Black Panther but it did make a difference in the Arrowverse and CW programming. It shows you wont need to racebend established characters to give diversity to Primetime tv. The developer of the Show, Salim Akil confirmed that the 7th episode of the final season will be the introduction to Painkiller, as a way to kickstart the Spin off.

Some of the achievements of this show is winning the Black Reel awards for Outstanding Drama series. Black Lightning also became a part of the...
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