searching for kamen rider/super sentai double bill posters

Eiji Hino

Someday...once more
i am trying to find all the double bill posters for all the kamen rider/super sentai movies.
these are the ones i have found thus far...
[ame=""] Engine sentai Go-onger: Boom boom! Bang bang! GekijoBang!! Poster Movie Japanese 11x17[/ame]
i have the kiva/go onger poster in my bedroom.
i know there's another version of the magiranger/hibiki poster, with magired and hibiki standing next to each other
i would most certainly appreciate any assistance in this matter.
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there are a couple on Wikipedia.

Eiji Hino

Someday...once more
i have been looking for these posters for a while now.
there's a hibiki/magi poster with hibiki and magired standing next to each other against a white background. has anyone seen it?

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