Scribblenauts is Awesome

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Scribblenauts is one of the most awesome ideas to come out in a video game. It's a sandbox-puzzle game wherein you try to figure out how to collect certain items or complete certain tasks in a level. You need to use items in order to do certain things in a level. And this is where scribblenauts is very unique. When you type a word, that word becomes available in the level you are in. Take for instance, you type "hammer". That hammer will then appear. Or maybe you'll type dragon or Mario or airplane.

It's very very nice to see what the game can give you and how the different things you type in will affect you. Pretty cool stuff. Where did I first play Scribblenauts? On my mobile phone. On what platform did you first play Scribblenauts?


I played Scribblenauts on the DS, and used Cthulu for everything. I remember on one level I was supposed to figure out who the imposter was among four characters... so, I brought Cthulu out and the three people who weren't imposters set to attacking Cthulu (huh, brave people...) while the imposter ran away and I got the star immediately.

After I figured out that you could shoot any beast with a Cupid's bow to make it an animal that you could ride, I started having dreams of riding a Giant Enemy Crab. And these weren't Scribblenaut-style pixelated dreams, either, my brain just dug up a steamed crab that I ate once, made it grow in size, and let me ride it around.

That's when I knew I had to stop playing. ;P