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Aside from a short created for Adult Swim twelve years ago, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series has never been considered for adaption in animated form, despite having the perfect look for it. We love the live-action movie, don’t get us wrong, but we’ve always wanted to see a fully cartoon take on what’s essentially a cartoon anyway.
Looks like we’re finally about to get it. Netflix just announced a partnership with anime production studio Science SARU (Star Wars Visions) to produce an anime series about Scott Pilgrim’s precious little life. O’Malley himself will be writer and executive producer, and he’ll share showrunning duties with BenDavid Grabinski.
You know the Scott Pilgrim story by now: a selfish twentysomething from Toronto meets his dream girl, he must beat up her seven previous boyfriends in a video game inspired world, and he learns how to be a better...

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