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Anthony Ferraro runs a popular How-To channel on YouTube where he instructs his viewers in the art of indie sci-fi filmmaking: how to make props, how to craft costumes, how to create proper lighting, etc. When the pandemic hit, he suddenly had a lot more time on his hands….and decided to use his skills to make a fake Star Wars short.
Fan projects of this nature tend to be cheesy, with bad effects and acting, but…not this time. The trailer below shows footage that is very comparable to the real thing. Ferraro knows how to frame his shots, how to create convincing effects, and most importantly, how to create a convincing set of Mandalorian armor to wear.

“Deep into COVID lockdown, it occurred to me I could shoot a Star Wars fan film outdoors with a Mandalorian as a lead character,” explains Ferraro. “The Mando costume by design is full body PPE. I wrote two-person scenes to be filmed safely with a skeleton crew and cast...
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