Schwarzenegger Gets His Own Show: FUBAR

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<p>There are certain actors that, for some reason, won’t touch the TV business, regarding themselves as movie actors EXCLUSIVELY. For example, Nic Cage will star in any movie that pays his bills, but he won’t go near any TV show, forcing Disney to find some preteen to base the National Treasure TV series around.</p>

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Oh, snap! We talking about a series here, baby! And we got Arnold in the mix! You can't mess with the Governator! That dude's an absolute legend, man! I'm talking about weeping manly tears when the man said, “I’m back double bicep baby” and went on to do a back double bicep! Whoo! Arnie needed this for his career, and action fans needed this too! I'm hopeful we gonna get a perfect blend of action, drama, and humor up in here. This man just keeps on going, just like a Terminator, baby!


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I really appreciate how the final scene in this trailer portrays how he views himself. In his earlier films, Arnold's characters were portrayed as invincible and larger than life, always towering over his co-stars. However, in, Arnold's character seems to be more grounded and relatable, shown to be of similar height to the woman in the same scene. This is a departure from his previous roles, where nobody could match his height or strength on-screen. It's refreshing to see Arnold play a character that is more vulnerable and human, and I'm excited to see how he brings this new persona to life.


Arnie desperately needs this for his career. Fans of action necessitate this. I'm optimistic that it will effectively blend action, drama and humour. The gent persists just like a Terminator! The most notable aspect I gleaned from this is that Arnold appears superb at 78 years old... He's senior to Trump and a couple of years junior to Biden, yet appears as fit as Hemsworth on a substandard day! Primarily Stallone with Paramount and now Arnold with Netflix! Pleased to see their professions endure!


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It's amazing to see Arnold Schwarzenegger back on screen, eh? Especially in a TV show, eh? He's a true legend of an actor, who's starred in some of the most unforgettable action movies ever made.I'm so excited to see how Arnold's special charm and funny side will come through in his TV role, eh? He's such a huge personality that he's bound to be a perfect fit for a series, eh?

It's really interesting to see top actors like Arnold now taking part in TV shows produced by streaming platforms like Netflix, eh? It just goes to show how the entertainment industry is changing, eh? And how there are more and more opportunities for actors, eh?


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It's great to see that Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a comeback after all these years! His fans have been eagerly waiting for him to take up a new project, and FUBAR seems like the perfect fit for him. I can't wait to see him in action!


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Arnold's been playing the tough guy in action flicks for a long time, but he's proven he can be funny too, like in Twins and Kindergarten Cop. Now he's gearing up for a new action comedy series, and I can't wait to see him bring his own flair to it.

Thanks to streaming platforms, actors like Arnold can explore fresh territory on the small screen. It ain't just about the movies anymore, it's about good content. And from the looks of it, FUBAR's got all the makings of a killer show.


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I agree that Arnold has been typecast as an action star for most of his career, but he has also shown his comedic chops in movies like Twins and Kindergarten Cop. It's exciting to see him take on a new action comedy series, and I'm sure he will bring his signature style to it.


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Oh, honey, FUBAR has got it all - action, comedy, and drama - something for everyone! I'm dying to see how Arnold flexes his muscles with this kind of material. You know he's gonna bring his A-game to the series - I can feel it in my bones!Arnold has been a cultural icon forever, and seeing him in FUBAR is gonna be a real treat. I mean, he's 78 years old and still captivating audiences - what a legend!


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I'm glad to see that Arnold is not taking himself too seriously in this show and is willing to make fun of himself. It shows that he has a good sense of humor and is not afraid to take risks.FUBAR is definitely a departure from Arnold's earlier films, but I think it's a welcome change. It's always exciting to see an actor try something new, and I'm sure his fans will appreciate seeing him in a different light.

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