Scarlet Moon Presents a Metal Tribute To Castlevania

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The general goth aesthetic of Castlevania would seem to blend well with the aesthetic of metal considering the similarities in the art that adorns both genres. Yet it’s only now that we’re hearing about a metal album that ties itself directly to Konami’s long-running video game franchise. It was a long wait to see the obvious happen, but it’s here: Encuentro de Sangre: A Metal Tribute to Castlevania.
The album is the collaborative effort of four arrangers: Thennecan, Ferdk, ThePlasmas, and Pokérus Project, under the guidance of game music label GameGrooves. Together, they slapped a metal edge on twelve melodies from Castlevania’s dawning days on the NES.
“It’s an honor to work with such incredible musicians, and I quite literally could not have pulled this off without Thennecan’s help,” comments GamesGrooves producer Allen Brasch. “I already knew that the Latin American metal VGM community was tight, but now I see just how close they really are. The musicianship on this album is...

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I remembers playing this castlelevania to a certain level before quoting on the game. This metal tribute of castlevania will really make a stance!

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