Scarlet Moon Introduces Two New Christmas Albums

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Scarlet Moon Records, producers of many, many video game cover albums, are releasing their take on the holiday season. It’s nothing new — this is actually the SEVENTH Scarlet Moon Christmas album in as many years. What is new is that it’s accompanied by a second album.
Unlike most of their albums, Scarlet Moon Christmas has little to do with video games — there’s just not much to cover outside of Christmas NiGHTS and that one snow area in Banjo-Kazooie. Instead the albums cover traditional Christmas songs, BUT they’re composed by artists who have worked for Scarlet Moon on other projects. For what it’s worth, someone mixed in melodies from a Kirby game in one of these tracks.

Snowing (“Let it Snow” Fusion Arrange) by Jamphibious
Galician Carol by Osamu Kubota
Silver & Gold & Grapes & Gardens (“Grape Gardens” from Kirby Adventure) by Mustin
Away in a Manger by Vince DiCola
Daisy Bell by mojera

What’s the second offering, you ask? SM’s series Prescription For Sleep is getting in on...

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