Saws make the worst sex toys.


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...Dumbasses...can't even lie reading that article gave me a few...well what do you call it when you don't really laugh like "haha" but you smile with a sigh?

I didn't snort..or chuckle...but yea the smile and "heh" sound while smh is what I did...


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I would love to know the thought process that lead to this one. "Saws cut things, but surely it will not cut this floppy rubber dildo. This floppy rubber dildo is much too durable."

I guess any woman dumb enough to let somebody stick a saw in her whispering eye is a keeper, though.


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/me sees thread title.


*FIRST THOUGHT - "No ****."


*SECOND THOUGHT - "Darwinism at it's finest."

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...I want to say this surprises me and surely such stupidity cannot exist.

But I cannot. We should lobby to take away her license to breed because that kind of stupid will assuredly be passed on.

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