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Following the new trend of superhero cinema, Sylvester Stallone tries his luck on the genre becoming the star of this film adaptation based on the Mythos Comics graphic novel of the same name that was published in 2014. The veteran actor gets on the skin of a superheroe, who is thought to be dead after an epic battle against his bigger enemy. However, Some years later, a 13 year-old kid, obsessed with the idea that his hero still lives , thinks to have found him.
Julius Avery directs a somber film that feels like an actioner on disguise, with Stallone as the centre of the action as an aging hopeless hero, in an unconventional setting for this type of cinema, that distinguish this feature for the rest of its kind, in a story where nothing is what it seems at first sight, bringing good doses of old school badassery to he screen, including lethal one liners, and a perfect rythm that makes the story advance smoothly to a explosive climatic ending in which this story that narrates the...

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Wow Stallone really aged, he looks nothing like his heydays in the 80s but he still looks like he can kick butts of people younger than him.


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Overall, that doesn't seem too awful.
In live action, the aging super-hero cliche hasn't been explored all that much.
Low hopes for this one, but things could be worse.


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Based from review alone, This should have been a Theatrical release. It is too big to be a streamer movie.
Is this the grand scheme Amazon has for MGM? simply upload all of their films to Prime Video? How unfortunate for MGM. Better was due to them. especially considering that, prior to Amazon's intervention, they were poised to make a comeback. On the whole, I'm very saddened by this. This movie deserves more attention and promotion than it's getting.


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The concept reminds me a bit of Rocky IV and Creed. An aging legend becoming a mentor to a younger person. It also have elements from Logan too. I am quiet intrigued.


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Stallone deserves all the credit because he still sells being an action star. His weathered beard gives him a fit and stylish appearance. I never once thought he seemed past it while watching this movie. Although I felt the plot of this film was rather weak, as I've mentioned below, I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel or additional stories set in the same universe.
It was good, and I enjoyed it! I must admit that there is a small detail that I would have preferred. The child actor wasn't horrible at all, but I've always believed that a young girl works best for a protector-type role as Stallone is portraying in this instance. For instance, I thought the brief scene where he defends the young child while battling those men in the destitute camps had a lot greater impact.

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The nemesis twist was great. It was a fantastically realistic superhero movie. There is probably more to explore, so hopefully there will be a sequel. I truly loved this movie; it was excellent and had a lot of heart.
Due to a certain remark Stallone's character makes to the kid early in the film, I was able to predict the twist.


The consensus of film critics has been uniformly negative toward this movie, which means that average moviegoers like myself will most likely enjoy it.

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The only thing that does not live up to expectations are the spectacular special effects and computer graphics. Aside from that, I thought it was an interesting watch. It is unknown whether or not Sly frequently used his stunt double toward the end of the film or whether a computer-generated version of him was used. That was a bad thing because the director claimed that he accomplished things in this film that most males his age who have bald heads would find difficult to accomplish. My opinion is that this movie was not edited or trimmed in an appropriate manner. Nonetheless, on the whole, it was enjoyable to me. Sly delivered an outstanding performance in this role.