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Mr G

Fighting evil makes me thirsty
The other day while playing Ninja Gaiden II on the Wii VC I finally quit out of sheer frustration on the final boss. Die on Jaquio? Back to the beginning of the level with you. It's the kind of ball-busting horrendous difficulty that came standard with many NES games.

What games are most difficult for you? Which ones frustrate you to the point of rage-quitting or tossing a controller? These need not be 8-bit games, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind the most.

Here are some of mine from the NES:

Ninja Gaiden Triology - GODDAMN these games are hard D;<
Mega Man - V wasn't so bad, but the rest are pretty rough with the original being the most punishing.
Super Mario Bros. - For me the original is tough.
Contra - Uh-huh.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - That fucking swimming stage with all of the electric seaweed ****. It haunts me even now...
Battletoads - I haven't played this since childhood but I remember not being able to get past the third stage where you were on a motorcycle hitting ramps and jumping stone walls.
Metroid - A true classic. But, boy, is it a *****. I remember killing the fake Kraid as a child and wondering what I was doing wrong when I couldn't advance.

Share yours and some comments about your selected games!

Dark Kabuto

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The GBA Version of Megaman and Bass, I never played the SNES version so I can't comment on that.

Oh and Demon Souls.


Blazblue: Continuum Shift - Only for the final boss of Arcade mode though. Everything is a breeze until you get to godmodding Ultimate Hazama.

Mr G

Fighting evil makes me thirsty
Shadow of the Colossus for me when I was playing on PS2.
Man, that is one of my top games of all time! I remember having trouble with a couple of the colossi (particularly the water one). Good times. :anime:

Judge Faiz

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The 2 biggest off the top of my head the Robocop arcade game (in the later levels) and the much more recent Super Meat Boy.


Man, that is one of my top games of all time! I remember having trouble with a couple of the colossi (particularly the water one). Good times. :anime:

What about Ico? One of my favorite games as well.

Mr G

Fighting evil makes me thirsty
What about Ico? One of my favorite games as well.
I borrowed Ico from a friend but I never got into it. There's going to be a re-release of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico on the PS3 remastered in HD so I'll probably try it again then. :thumbs:

Thought of a few more hard ass games.

Punch-Out - I got to where I could breeze through the game...until Mike Tyson showed up after Super Macho Man and kicked my ass so many times.

Castlevania - All of the NES ones were tough as nails, IV infuriated me on the SNES more than a couple of times, and Order of Ecclesia on the DS made me want to scream a few times.

Demon's Crest - Anybody remember this one on SNES? It was a really fun game but it was hard. Not brutal but difficult.

All Super Star Wars games on SNES - These things are MERCILESS.
Anything that require you to be teamed up with random players... Who obviously suck hard...

Oh, and playing DMC4 on PC. Those controls... Seriously.

Normal movement, your offensive abilities were placed around KLMJ. Seriously...!

DekaThunder Rider

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TMNT 1 for the NES-I remember that my brother`s New Year`s resolution for 1990 was to beat this game.Did he do it?

Yes,on New Year`s Day,1990.I finally beat it a year later

Other games:
The story mode of WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64-Want to know what happens if you win a match quickly?The next one cranks up the difficulty.It also doesn`t help that every other match seems to be a handicap match
Ikaruga for the GameCube-At least it`s hard until you gain infinite continues
The Adventures of Batman and Robin for the Genesis
Adventure Island for the NES
The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES
Amagon for the NES
Rollergames for the NES
Any Gradius game
Any Contra game

Algo Fonix

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Dragon Warrior II was pretty broken at times. You could grind levels all day preparing for the run to the final boss, only to have an enemy sap almost all of your MP away in one turn. The only thing you could do at that point is reset and hope for better luck next time. Fun, but infuriating sometimes.

I've played some of Phantasy Star II and it's pretty difficult too. The dungeons are mad confusing and you have to grind a loooot.

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