General Discussion Sacrifice versus Pursuing Your Dreams

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So, I caught up on this series of talks that served as a documentary for Joseph Campbell's philosophy. He basically believed that human nature is reflected in all the mythologies and stories that a given society has.

This particular episode really got to me, though, because it took two seemingly contradictory societal messages and made them whole.

The first message was that we've got to grow up and make Sacrifices, to be willing to make adjustments and changes to our life.

The second message was that the purpose of each of our lives is to be true to ourselves.

While sacrifice is a better thing than it initially feels like, the trick seems to be to not sacrifice oneself to a system or something outside of oneself: Only make sacrifices to the extent of becoming more true to yourself.

Personally, this is sparking a bit of a wildfire in my own philosophy that I can't articulate, that has to do with non-egoistic karma/reincarnation cycles and nature versus nurture.

But what do you think? I guess that it's essentially "Counting Stars" by One Republic.