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Based on the Japanese Wikipedia page for Hero Saga the story includes the Shocker Greeed, Gel-Shocker Greeed and Destron Greeed, and earlier on in the story he uses their powers to become Shocker OOO (Shocker Head, Gel-Shocker Arms and Destron Legs). Afgter that chapter you have the GOD Greeed, Garanda Greeed and Delza Greeed as well, so presumably like S.I.C.K. says it is their medals making up this combo.

That said, the name on the profile for Shocker OOO did specify the OOO part while Boss doesn't, so I think it might be something else.

Anywho, everything from the OOO Hero Saga (except this forms appearance) can be seen here

Dark Kabuto

In Justice, We Trust!
Speaking of S.I.C Hero Saga…new form of Shocker OOO:


I wonder why they don't release stuff from Hero Saga any more? I know they showed a Tamashi Combo last year but I don't think that ever got made.

Same with BuraKaWani.

And I know this plug is pretty shameless but I got help with some of the story translated if anyone is curious to know what OOO's Hero Saga is about:

This is what I got from Google Translate for each figure. Note these have come from the SIC Page for each one.

Chapter 1

Was awakened makes for a diorama, unreleased items. The shocker of the lower body and legs shoulder armor Orenotsuno of asymmetrical arrangement is given a new interpretation.

Chapter 2

Was born by Gelshocker medal, man-made greed. Design is in accordance with the mark of the gel Shocker, right side of the body of snakes, left side of the body is the motif eagle.

Eiji Hino is to transform the basic form of OOO. It is to divert the product version has been released already basically, get your procedure to take the pose of a bold stride open, the hand is added around the lower body

Chapter 3

Greed that specializes born by Destron medal, a hand-in-hand combat. Head is to imitate the scorpion is a symbol of Destron, iron ball in the right arm, I'm equipped with a huge knife in the left arm.

Items that have been produced in order soul web store. It is used as a real product is basically, it is to reproduce the pose of one leg who lively by remodeling a lower body mainly.

Chapter 4

Was awakened and made ​​by the hands of Mr. Ando for this diorama, Shocker. Design is renewed, it is the line that made ​​a clear distinction in the past and "SIC" rider products

The re-appearance to match the time delivered, items that have been produced in order soul web. This place, wearing the mantis Sword another arrangement that also comes with the product. I understand it's made ​​to design biological more

Chapter 5

Greed was born by Shocker medals. It has been redesigned from the movie "Let's Go Kamen Rider", design of snake (for Gelshocker Greed also appear) are omitted.

Chapter 6

Figure "Shocker medal", "Gelshocker medal" by "Destron medal", Hino Eiji was transformed. The activity of consciousness by Shocker Greed, awareness of age are trapped.

Rather than what was previously released, the rider man was awakened to make new for this project. Cassette arm red right arm is a new type that in addition to the traditional features with built-in small missile and electromagnetic knife.

Chapter 7

Appeared in "Koamedaru and 21 Kamen Rider / OOO WONDERFUL Shogun" movie, "SIC" unreleased items. Shield Gora Gardner of both arms, has arranged a bold shape

Chapter 8

Greed was born by Deruzamedaru. Design is the motif general shadow and machine generalissimo, skull Major, magnet head from, or modify the magic people Deruza corps.

Item based on the item "SIC" of already added modifications already. Tail-tail and wing divider, external fins of the head, is to reproduce the state of the change along the way.

Chapter 9

Greed was born by moth Lander medal. Appeared in "Kamen Rider Amazon", it is designed in the motif of the leaders of the Great Zero Garanda empire.

Greed was born by God medal. It is the motif enemy organization · GOD institutions "Kamen Rider X", it has become a figure like chimeras obtained by multiplying the number of organisms.

That's what I got so far. Also the Great Leader is called boss in the Sagas so the New Shocker OOO could be a new body.
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tom servo

Yep. S.I.C. Kamen Rider 1 is going to be bought next year and sit right along side my Wheeljack and S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla when I buy it.


I'm most likely gonna grab it too, but given that it's just a straight up repaint and how slow their release rate is (both exclusive and regular), I would rather they spend more time on other guys like Accel or Eternal for example.


Hmm, I don't think I'll be getting the repaint. Is this new paintjob supposed to be more true to the original color scheme in the show? Thank god I'm not a completist.
^Just seems to be their version of the Tajadol in the last episode, making it more Ankh like. I don't expect it to show up in Hero Saga unless the writer decides to write ankh coming back as part of it.

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