S.I.C. Thread - News and Reviews


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Iga, it would have been nice to post the new thread on the now closed SIC thread.


Not a huge fan of Den-O, but those look pretty damn nice. Easy pass though.

I'm hoping they announce TaToBa soon. Can't wait to see what they did with his design.


I'd gotta admit, I'd never really liked OOO even until now, most of the combos still doesn't interest me. But I seem to have taken a liking to Tatoba of all the combinations. I am interested to see what they are gonna do with him too.

I hope the W line gets a break for a while though. Still lots of time to complete the line, my wallet's burned like hell. Will be a good change of pace to go back to the Den-O and Kabuto lines.


Isn't Yuuki have different kanji? IIRC it was 仮面ライダー幽汽, but the list wrote it as 幽鬼 換裝?
But then again, my Japanese is very poor XD

EDIT: Nvm, it is Yuuki XD
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Actually, looking at some of the older releases like ZO and Shadowmoon, or even G3. They do kinda have big or average sized eyes depending on which rider it is. I think it might be the bright shade of red that makes it looks too big.