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Bad Wolf

Are you talking about GMK Godzilla? I dont remember Mire Goji having blank eyes...
No, the original concept suit had blank eyes, it's skin was also jet black and had silvery fins from what I remember.
That is a really long neck.

that my main problem with this figure, in some of the pics he looks awesome, then in others it's like :sly: for me. I'm on the fence about it.

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S.H. MonsterArts Thread - News and Reviews

Oops, didnt realise this thread was essentially a MonsterArts one. My bad.
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Dark Kabuto

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SH Monster Arts Alien VS Predator:



Same here, though it's the Aliens that'll be the must have for me and the Predators I'll be more picky on. Hope they have some other new properties on the way... still waiting on those Evangelion angels.... and how about the Giant from Attack on Titan? T-Rex from Jurassic Park?

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ooooOOOOOoooo, Attack on Titan is an interesting idea. We know Max Factory is doing the figures, so maybe Bandai doesn't have the licence?

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OOO, Jan and Feb... I can definitely do Feb, so far that's a light month. January is a little tighter though. might have to play that by ear I think.


during the craze that was amiami last night, i mistakenly put 2 predators in my cart and the website wasn't allowing me to change the quantity. i went through with the order anyway, in fear of any of the items in my cart being sold out.

I'm hoping they'll let me change the quantity if I email them. regardless of all that, I'm looking forward to seeing what S.H. MonsterArts can do with these properties.