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S.H. Figuarts debuted in 2008 as Bandai's attempt to make a line of figures that featured high posability and detailing. Interpreted as either "Souchaku Henshin Figure Arts" or "Simple style and Heroic action Figure Arts" the line concentrates heavily on the Kamen Rider Series, as it is a spiritual successor to the highly popular Souchaku Henshin (Armour Trans) Series.

To date, while the majority of figures comes from the Kamen Rider franchise, the line has expanded to include Dragon Ball Kai, Precure, Apocalypse Zero, with possible future installments from the Super Sentai Series, One Piece, and Digital Monsters (Digimon).

This site here has a pretty accurate checklist of current normal and exclusive releases:

I also know someone had a pretty handy list of online sites where you could purchase S.H. Figuarts figures from, but i'll update that when i find it.

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