S.H.Figuarts Thread: G4!

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It's because he looks as tall as SHF Gokai Red, while in the show Gokai Silver is shorter than Red and Blue.
I'm pretty sure it also has something to do with the pose, lighting, or coloration of the figure. I'm sure they're just reusing the same sculpt for each of the Gokaigers instead of altering the heights at all, so it shouldn't be any skinnier than GokaiRed.

There's just something about that picture that makes his body look almost to the point of being anorexic in comparison to GokaiRed.


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It does look like the US SHF version. Coolness. I wonder what the box would look like.

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I know how you feel. Oh and I did check the Toys R' Us site and US SHF Red and Gold Samurai Rangers are some what less expensive than their Japanese counterparts. I mean $34.99 is okay. but should be more reasonable.

But one thing that concerns me is that....now that Bandai America is import the Shinkenger SHF toys and the Kamen Rider figures (Hopefully) to the US, are they going to give the Robot-Damashii Gundam figures the same treatment, as well as the SHF Domon Kasshu figure, or not?


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two words: here's hoping.

But they should have just sold it at 29.99. remember, you still have to pay additional tax, which makes it more expensive!
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