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Jun 2, 2007
S.H.Figuarts Thread: The Fourth!

The First Thread: It got eaten in the great feast of 2010.
The Next Thread:
V3 Thread:

The ToyBox Wiki with updates from ShukuenShinobi said:
Before Figuarts, there was Souchaku Henshin. Souchaku Henshin was a line of articulated Kamen Rider toys that featured die cast attachable armor. Somewhere along the way, Souchaku Henshin came to the point where it was very articulated and essentially, became the flagship figures of the TV series. The attachable armor pretty much became a bonus, and was simplified greatly as time went on.

So, someone at Bandai headquarters apparently decided they couldn't get enough of this crazy articulation and decided that they had to have more. Screw the attachable armors. And that's how the Figuarts line was born. Top notch styling that remain close to their televised/silver screen counterparts (1:12 scale, these dudes stand at 15 cm tall, roughly) with articulation (35 movable points!) and durability (die cast feet with metal pins!) that never compromises. The line premiered with Masked Rider The NEXT, churning out righteously awesome figures of Rider 1, Rider 2, and V3 all in NEXT-y goodness. While The NEXT created some extremely divided opinions, these figures have received near-universal acclaim from casual and hardcore fans.

At first, S.H. Figuarts mostly concentrated on the Kamen Rider franchise, with the odd anomaly now and then like Domon and Zero. But recently, Bandai seems to be committed to branching out the line into other franchises, such as Dragonball, Pretty Cure, One Piece, and Super Sentai.

Places to Buy Figuarts
CS Toys Japan
Hobby Link Japan
Big in Japan

Middleman Services
OkinawamToySeller Thread, Web
RiderProxy: Thread
Yokatta: Thread, Web
Tokyo Hunters: Web

Tamashii Pages
Tamashii Web (Retail Releases)
Bandai Collector's Shop - Tamashii Web Shop (Exclusives)
Bluefin Distribution (US Tamashii Distributor)

Tamashii Twitters
Bluefin's @TamashiiNations Twitter's @t_features Twitter

Figuarts Checklists
Riders, Rangers, & Rambles Cool Guy List
FanMode List
The ToyBox Wiki
MyFigureCollection's Complete List

Limited Tamashii Stage Quotes
Kamen Rider KickHopper
(Do you want to fall to hell with me? Become my little brother.) 
(We are residents of darkness! Forsake the light!)
(Did you.. just laugh at me?)
(You're lucky... unlike someone like me..)

Kamen Rider PunchHopper
(The worst is the best.)
2.「いいなぁ あの犬 褒められてる」
(Ahh, I envy that dog...)
(That's me... I've also been smashed to pieces...)
(The sun... is polluted..)

Kamen Rider Ixa
(Return your life to God)
(Do not defy me!! I am always correct!)
(Don't you know who I am!? I am Nago!!)
(I did not hear that, please say it again in a louder voice)

Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
Final Attack Ride Decade
ディディディディディケイド !!
(Final AttackRide
De De De De DECADE!!)

("Don't mind the song!")

Terror Dopant
"Kore ga shinno kyoufu da!!"
(This is true terror!)

Smilodon Dopant
"食べたら張り切って 探してきてくれ ミック"
(When you've eaten, put forth your enthusiasm and bring it home, Mick.)

Taboo Dopant
"まさか忘れてないわよね? 私の怖さ"
(You haven't forgotten about my terror/fear, have you?)

Tamashii Nations 2010 Photo Gallery

Currently Unreleased Figuarts
• Nigo (Showa)
• V3 (Showa)
• Riderman
• X
• Stronger
(All shown at Tokyo Toy Show 2009)
• G3 Mild
• Kabuto Masked Form
• Saga
• Futo-Kun
• Accel Yellow Signal Form
• OOO Lots of Forms

• Shinken Red Kaoru Ver. (Shinkenger)

• Dark PreCure (PreCure)
• Cure Berry -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
• Cure Pine -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
• Cure Passion -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)

• Vegeta (Dragonball Kai)
• Goku (Dragonball Kai)
• Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Dragonball Kai)

• Ryuho (Scryed)
• Zetsuwei (Scryed)

• Master Asia (G Gundam)

• Nobita Nobi (Doraemon)

• Wild Tiger (Tiger&Bunny)

Currently Unreleased Figuarts EX
• Beat Gouram (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
• Revolgarry (Kamen Rider W)
• HardSplasher Unit (Kamen Rider W)
• Accel Bike Mode with Gunner A (Kamen Rider W)

Currently Unreleased Figuarts Zero
• Scarlet Kiss (Star Driver)
• Professor Green (Star Driver)
• Ivrogne (Star Driver)
• President (Star Driver)
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Jun 2, 2007
New thread for SH FiguArts. Aoi Kurenai locked the previous one a couple of hours ago so I take the lead to create a new thread.
Basically copy-pasted what Shuki posted on the previous thread.
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Mar 3, 2005
...I just made one a second ago. :laugh:

We can merge that with this one though, you already put all the stuff in the first post. :thumbs:
Mad Skillz
Feb 25, 2005

I expect this thread to blow up in no time, you guys seem to talk up Figuarts faster than people talk about the shows.
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Jun 9, 2009
Well yes.. Figuarts are serious business. We should save these for prosperity.
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