[SELLING] S.H. Figuarts, D-Arts, S.I.C., Revoltech, Figma, Robot Damashii, and more for sale!!!


Yo Soy Henshin!
Hey everyone, I'm offloading a huge number of my imported Japanese figures. I really needed to focus down my collecting for the sake of budget and space. I figured I'd start here before I work my way to eBay with all of them.

It is all in great condition. Some of the packaging may some minor wear or dents in it, but the figures are all perfect! I've just kept everything in storage in my closet until I had some nice display shelves, so they never even got to see the light of day in my collection. Everything is MOSC, unless I've marked otherwise. All prices are including shipping. Feel free to make me an offer if you feel anything is overpriced, as nothing is set in stone. I’m always willing to negotiate!

PM me if interested. I can provide pictures at request. Paypal is preferred!

S.H. Figuarts
Shinken Red w/ Kuroko - $30
Masked Rider V3 - (purchased used from Mandarake. Still looks to be in great condition)
Masked Rider Black - $50
Shadow Moon - $80
Perfect Cell - $50 (opened, posed for a short bit after removing from box, decided I did not need to start another line with DBZ, so was put back in box)
Kazuma - $35
Straight Cougar - $50
Takuto Tsunashi - $25
Silver Crow - $25

Armor Plus
Tenku no Touma - $140 (purchased used from Mandarake, was opened after receiving it, never displayed, only looked at to make sure it was complete and in good condition)

Kamen Rider Gaoh and Kintaros - $60
Negataros - $50
Kamen Rider Diend w/stickers (I can't remember the exact story behind it, I just remember there being an issue with the figure not coming with stickers for some of the cards, so they were sent out in an extra envelope.) - $70
Kamen Rider NEW Den-O (Opened, used for display, missing sword, has everything else) - $20

GARO Equip & Prop
Vol. 2 Zero and Rei - $50

Super Robot Chogokin
GaoGaiGar (Opened to look at figure. Never got around to displaying him.) - $50

Robot Damashii
Tauburn - $45

Hokuto Musou Raoh - $40
Hokuto Musou Rei - $30
Krauser II - $10
Alexander Jagi - $10
Camus - $10

SP-012 Black Rock Shooter - $50
Tekkaman Blade - $40
Tekkaman Evil - $30

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Super Action Statue
Joseph Joestar Part 2 - $45
Caesar Antonio Zeppeli - $50
Jotaro Kujo Ver. 2 - $150
Star Platinum Ver. 1 - $45
Joseph Joestar Part 3 - $35
Mohammed Avdol - $35
Crazy Diamond - $45

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Statue Legend
The Fool ver. 2 - $35 (purchased used on Mandarake)
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Uh, your "reference" threads are one feedback thread and two that require accounts to access.

Can we get pictures of the things for sale, especially the condition of the items?


Yo Soy Henshin!
Sorry, this thread is kind of unfinished. I was making it last night and got tired and decided to zonk out, but I didn't want to lose everything, so I posted prematurely.

I'll get this finished later tonight once I'm home. :laugh:


Yo Soy Henshin!
Hi there everyone. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates and late reply. I've been swamped recently with finals coming up in the next couple of weeks. I didn't expect to be as busy as I have been, or I would never have started a sales list when I did.

I'm responding to all PMs I received now, and am finishing up this thread. Again, my apologies for the long delay.

I have also added my eBay profile to the list of sales references, for those of you who do not have accounts on the other forums at which I have reference posts.

I don't have the time to photograph every single figure, upload, host, and post all their images, but if you would like photos of anything in particular, by all means ask, I would be glad to take some to post up for you.
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Good luck. I PM'd him twice about it with no response...

Thanks for the luck. Acquired DiEnD about a week ago. Now to use a better camera than what I have on the Vita... But I just did it for simple convenience. At least my Decade collection is complete.

(Edit: Bleh for some reason cant get flickr to work.. Maybe photobucket some other time)

Now I must try and take a decent picture of my W Joker collection. I have CycloneJoker, CycloneJokerXtreme, CycloneJokerGoldXtreme, FangJoker, JokerJoker, Joker, Joker Undead and Joker Black and White from a friend who knows I like Batman... because the world is always a little better when you have a Joker =D
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