Mirror Monsters are coming out at night and kidnapping people!The only thing that stands in their way is the night-prowling Ryuki and his Mirror Monster,Dragreder.After finding a dying Ryuki,young reporter Shinji Tatsumi must become Ryuki and,with the help of the original Ryuki's spirit,Dragreder,and the mysterious Knight,Shinji must stop the Mirror Monsters plus the Mirror Riders,who are at war with each other.Will Ryuki succeed,is Knight one of these Mirror Riders,and will the war ever stop?If you don't fight,you don't SURVIVE!

Ryuki: Koutaro Kazami, Shinji Tatsumi
Knight: Not revealed yet.....
Femme: Not revealed yet......
Other rider are also not revealed,but will be soon!


Kamen Rider Ryuki Reboot Info:
Suit Designs
Ryuki: Similar to original design,just darker red and red eyes always glow. The Weapons are different also.....
Sword Vent: Curved more,Dragreder engraving on sides
Guard Vent: Claws pointier,bigger shields,darker red,shinier silver.
Strike Vent: Looks like Dragreder's head. Head more like Chinese dragons,so hat longer whiskers.Also,the eyes are bright red,not yellow

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