Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory have teamed up to bring the latest in the beloved sports anime series, The Prince of Tennis, to North America. Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis is the 2021 film directed by artist and animator Hiroshi Koujina, and features the beloved Ryoma Echizen and friends on an adventure that takes them deep into Ryoma and his father’s past in a cool 3D animated style!
Inspired by his tennis champion father, Ryoma is determined to train in the U.S. after winning a championship in Japan. He runs into his classmate Sakuno right as she gets into trouble with street gangs, and Ryoma accepts a tennis match against the villains to save her. During the intense tennis battle, the shock of two tennis balls ramming into one another disrupts the follow of time! Ryoma and Sakuno suddenly transported back into the past, decades before, when Ryoma’s father challenged his last match at a championship in the U.S.
– Official Synopsis
The Blu-Ray/DVD Combo includes both subtitled and...

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I love the original Prince of Tennis but I don't like CGI style Anime. There is something creepy about it. Wish they have gone to a Cell shaded direction so it kept the hand drawn appearance.


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I love this Anime growing up because they made something entertaining and larger than life out of a boring sport like Tennis. As In I cannot stand watching Tennis on TV but I watched this anime religiously. I would have liked more Seasons of the Anime but this movie will do.

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