RUPTURE: Don’t Miss The Trailer For Ranjeet Marwa’s Cyberpunk Indie Actioner

Mar 5, 2013
The work continues for director Ranjeet S. Marwa with the official trailer launch for revenge thriller indie, Rupture, starring Mark Strange (Avengement, Ip Man 4: The Finale). The film is one of two that Marwa has already completed with the first, Exiled: The Chosen Ones, still pending a release, with this latest endevaor setting course for next year.
Raven, a recently freed man from prison must confront the people who put him inside. However, revenge is not always the answer, redemption is.
Joining Strange are David Lamont, Sean Cronin, Shally Amanda, James Bryhan and Nick Khan among the roster. Check out the trailer above and follow the film on Instagram!

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