RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2

Skylar Kinsley

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RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2 is coming to VH1, and Wow presents Plus this August 17.
RuPaul’s Drag Race is the biggest Reality Show franchise because it has more Seasons in a year than most Reality competitions, and survivor has two Seasons in a Year, while Drag Race have the main show with multiple Spin-offs. Its fan base is also more dedicated. You Won’t see fans of American Idol and the Voice watch the foreign editions but the Drag Race fans watch all foreign Spin-offs. It has lower Price money than other mainstream reality shows, but the famous contestants get enough help to become a millionaire.
All Stars 7: All Winners, Drag Race France and Canada are all currently airing. Drag Race became a Global Brand, and its contestants found more success than recent contestants from American Idol, X-factor, The Voice and other talent shows.
RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season...

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Looks can be deceiving
Season two’s new format, which was inspired by “The Masked Singer,” already appears to be Much Superior than season one. In fact, I’m excited to watch this! They also use the stage of Queens of the Universe.


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I can’t wait to see hetereosexual men failing to do a catwalk in the runway while trying to act hyper-feminine. Madison Beers fail to have a drag transformation last year. She still looks a cisgirl instead of a drag queen.


You can criticize RuPaul all you want, but you should still respect her for starting from nothing and changing the lives of countless others in addition to her own. Drag was somewhat popularized by Ru, who also used to claim that it would never become mainstream. Heterosexual people are now performing drag.


LOL at Jujubee being on this show again. Since she can't win anyone, she wants her celebrity protege the trend of being a top 3 finalist but not win.


Serving Lewks
Given that makeup will play a significant part in the metamorphosis, I really hope they can keep their identities a secret throughout the competition! I was prepared to despise this just as much as I detested the previous season, but this really seems really intriguing!


What does the Fox say?
There were two celebrities I used to watch several years ago. They both had talk shows. One was Dame Edna and the other was Ru Paul. I could not predict the future. I had no idea Ru Paul would reach super star celebrity status.