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Oct 22, 2012
There have been rumors going around on /m/ that Mill Creek's Ultraman Dyna subs for their latest release have gone into Gridman levels of quality. Of course this had to happen to my second favorite Ultra series after Taiga. Not sure if anyone can confirm this, but if it's true whatever money I might had planned to give Mill Creek might just go to something useful. Like commission a painting of Vic Mignogna legally taking all of Anime News Network's money for their yellow journalism while Raging Golden Eagle, Yellow Flash, Doomcock, and Umbrella Guy sell Devil Blade comics in mockery. Man I wish I had the money to invest in Tesla. My money that isn't in Rite Aid stock is on Ultraman Gaia getting a similar treatment and it's my third favorite so gut feeling says it'll happen too.

Dr Kain

Not sure why I'm bothering to respond to this clearly troll post, but just in case you were trying to type something legit before having a seizure, I have no idea where you are getting your info from, but the subs are just fine. The only issues with the subs are the inconsistencies in spelling names as they put an R in Critters instead of it being Clitters like it was in the Tiga subs and Shinjoh's name is sometimes just spell Shinjo. Also, they didn't sub the conversation between Hibiki's daughter and this reporter during the end credits scene of episode 33.