Rumor: Live-Action Titan AE Remake

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Jun 20, 2012
The website Giant Freakin Robot claimed today they have an inside source who has revealed to them a live-action remake of Titan AE is being considered by Disney/Fox. Details were light because “we were unable to learn whose hands the project is currently in,” they say. Take this one with a massive grain of salt, as we couldn’t confirm this with any of the more established sites like Variety or THR.
20th Century Fox originally greenlit Titan AE as a live-action movie, but for whatever reason, it was shifted to their animation department at some point. The finished product is pretty unique even among the sci-fi action-cartoon failures of the early 2000s, due to the blending of Don Bluth’s animation and Joss Whedon’s proto-Firefly worldbuilding. It has a cult following that burns to this day, and we’re kinda shocked at even the suggestion that Disney is aware of that fact.
These days, the company can’t seem to...

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