Rumor Has It Sony Is Shutting Down PS3 And Vita Stores This Summer

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Jun 20, 2012
The tug of war continues between manufacturers, who want their products to be disposable, and consumers, who want their products to last as long as possible. A report is making the rounds that Sony has plans to turn off the digital marketplace for Playstation 3, PSP and PS Vita this summer. According to the report, the PS3 and PSP servers will shut off July 2, followed by the silence of the Vita servers August 27. Sony has not officially announced these plans.
Even if the report does not turn out to be true, it WILL be true eventually. And when it happens, there are a lot of games out there that simply won’t be available in any form. We don’t just mean obscure digital titles from the late 2000s, but PS1 Classics like Suikoden II and Adventures of Tron Bonne that fetch gazillion-dollar prices on eBay. Currently, the PS3’s digital marketplace is the only way they can be played affordably (well, there’s...

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