Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken


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<p>Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is a refreshing take on the mythological creature genre, as it presents a unique perspective on the Kraken that goes beyond its usual portrayal as a monstrous destroyer of ships. Instead, the film explores the idea of Krakens as guardians, adding depth and complexity to the creature’s character. By presenting mermaids as the real monsters, the movie challenges traditional notions of beauty and danger in popular culture. With Universal Studios’ reputation for transforming traditionally feared creatures into beloved characters, audiences can expect a heartwarming and entertaining story. In addition to the talented director, Kirk DeMicco, the co-director Faryn Pearl’s involvement in the project adds to the anticipation, as her background in the art department of She-ra Princesses of Power hints at a stunning visual spectacle.</p>


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This is like the Little Mermaid if Ursula is Good and Ariel is evil. That is how I feel about this a switcheroo. Chelsea is obviously designed after Arielle. Ruby's color is purple which looks like Ursula.

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Wow, Krakens have always fascinated me, but this film takes it to a whole new level. I'm looking forward to seeing how they portray them as guardians rather than monsters. As someone who enjoys a good twist on traditional mythological creatures, I'm looking forward to seeing how this film portrays mermaids as the true monsters. This film sounds like it will challenge our perceptions of beauty and danger in popular culture, which is extremely important in today's world. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.


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I'm always up for an enjoyable and heartwarming tale, and since Universal Studios is known for turning feared monsters into beloved characters, I know this movie will be both. It's so brilliant to see a young Kraken become the main focus in a movie that is not horror, especially one that delves into the depths and complexity of the character. I'm really interested to see how they reach that scenario.

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The fact that the teenage Kraken in this movie can change into a human to live among us intrigues me because I've always loved stories where characters must conceal their true identities. I also think it's important for films to challenge conventional beliefs and perceptions, so I'm interested to see how this one turns the Kraken and mermaid tropes on their heads.
This movie seems to have all the ingredients for a compelling narrative: original viewpoints, engaging characters, and stunning visuals. I can't wait to see how everything comes together.
I'm eager to see how Ruby Gillman manages her dual identities and the difficulties that come with them because I enjoy a good coming-of-age tale.


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I'm so intrigued by the idea of mermaids being the real monsters in this film. It's definitely a departure from the typical portrayal of mermaids as beautiful and benevolent creatures.


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I believe it's crucial for movies to question conventional ideas of danger and beauty, and it sounds like this one does that. I can't wait to see what message it conveys.It's always entertaining to see a well-known creature or character reinterpreted in a fresh way, and Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken certainly does that. I'm eager to go.


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I adore how Disney and the Woke Little Mermaid are being mocked by DreamWorks. It's so creative to make a mermaid the antagonist. Well played, DreamWorks. The idea of evil mermaids makes sense given that sirens, or mermaids, are known to lure sailors with their songs in order to murder them.


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This film has intrigued me because it appears to be unique. I had hoped for a little more room for my own creativity. I'm intrigued—the reversal of fairytale creature roles is what drew me in. My only complaint is that the trailer revealed far too much information. The mermaid, who is usually the starry-eyed heroine in most movies and stories and is loved and worshipped throughout the universe, is actually the antagonist. In most media, the kraken is thought to be the most dangerous and irresponsible beast of the sea, and it is feared and despised throughout the universe. It's a fresh take on fabled sea creatures, and I'd like to see more.


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What a funny looking movie. Ariel got fired by Disney and replaced by a new one because of diversity so she is evil now. 🤣


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So, what am I missing? People are afraid of krakens, but they are good, and they adore mermaids, but they are evil. As a DreamWorks fan, I will watch this. Although this is an intriguing flip, I believe the sea creatures are based on creatures that are similar to them rather than their namesakes. The mermaids appear to be inspired by, well, some mermaids, whereas the krakens appear to be inspired by cecaelias. Krakens, in my opinion, are typically large, aggressive animals.


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This is probably a reference to the dispute between Dreamworks and Disney. Dreamworks can produce quality content, despite the misconception that they only produce for profit. This movie portrays Disney (as Ariel) as a covertly ambitious corporation. No company is necessarily bad, in my opinion, but the images in this trailer are too close. I assumed it was based on a book or something because of the title for some reason. It appears to be a Dreamworks invention, though. I think the animation on this is fantastic. This is better than the disastrous Little Mermaid movie that will be released this year. I'm definitely going to see this when it's released.

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